Saturday, September 28, 2013

What's All the Hoopla About, Part 2

What’s All the Hoopla About, Part 2
P. Schultz
September 28, 2013

            The title of the article whose link is below is: “House GOP To Plan Next Step As Budget Clock Runs Down.” But, again, as I read this article, it illustrates that almost nothing will change as a result of this “battle” between the Republicans and Democrats and between different factions of the Republican Party. It strikes me that this little “drama” is a lot like our presidential elections, where the drama of the election obscures the fact that once the election is over, almost nothing of any importance changes. So, what we get is whole lot of “drama” or apparent “drama” and little change in the status quo. And if preserving the status quo were the goal of those in charge of the established order – a goal that seems never to occur to anyone as quite common in politics – then it is wrong to say that “Washington is broken” because from the perspective of those who benefit from the status quo, it is working quite well, thank you very much.

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