Friday, September 13, 2013

Syria: More Smoke and Mirrors

Syria: More Smoke and Mirrors
P. Schultz
September 13, 2013

“….[S]aid one Damascus-based analyst who asked to remain anonymous for fear of retribution. “The chemical weapons deal — there is no deal, it’s very impractical, and if that becomes clear, it could put Obama in a stronger position vis-à-vis airstrikes.”

This quote appears in a story in the NY Times today, 9/13/13, and I think this “Damascus-based analyst” has it right: As is becoming clearer and clearer, not only is it true that “there is no deal,” but there will be no deal. And, of course, the president’s team will make sure that the impracticality of any deal is as clear as it can be. Then, as noted earlier here, again based on little more than stories in the NY Times, a congressional resolution will be passed that authorizes the Obama/Bush administration to attack Syria after “a decent interval.”

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