Monday, September 16, 2013

Syria: "The chaos will be extended."

Syria: “This chaos will be extended.”
P. Schultz
September 16, 2013

            “This chaos will be extended,” Mr. Nashar said in an interview in Istanbul.”

This is a quote from Samir Nashar, who is a member of the main opposition group in exile to Assad and I believe he has it right. I also believe that this is the goal of the current Obama/Bush administration, and was the goal of the Clinton administration as well. I believe this is so because, as judged by their actions and the results of their actions, the US policy since the invasion of Iraq to remove Saddam Hussein from power has been to create chaos and bloodshed throughout the Middle East. That “fiasco” following the Iraq invasion was no accident. As Defense Secretary Rumsfeld said at the time: “Stuff happens.”

Why, you ask, would the US pursue such a policy? Because those in power know that it is impossible to “defeat” those forces, Arab and Muslim, that are seeking power in that part of the world. And also because it would not be in the “interests” of the US to reach an accommodation with these forces as that would jeopardize our access to Mideast oil, undermine the security of Israel, and endanger what is perceived as US hegemony throughout the world [the code words for this hegemony are “American credibility”]. Therefore, the most rational policy, the most “realistic” policy is to contribute to and create as much chaos and bloodshed as possible in the Middle East, thereby depriving the insurgent forces of the ability to gain power and keep it.

Death and destruction as an end as well as a means? Exactly. And as the “realists” will tell you, “you can’t make an omelet without breaking some eggs.” Or, if you prefer, “Freedom isn’t free.” Untoward affects on our troops and eventually our army itself? To be sure. That is why it is now the eleventh commandment to say, “I support the troops.” Of course, the madness here is all-too-evident: supporting the troops means sending them, repeatedly, into battles and wars the government has no intention of “winning.” Which is not only expensive but inhumane. But, hey, that is a small price to pay for “hegemony.”

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