Friday, October 4, 2013


P. Schultz
October 4, 2013

            Here is a link to an article, an “analysis” in the NY Times that is headlined, “The Benefits of Intransigence.” And it claims that Ted Cruz is really shrewder than people give him and the Tea Partiers credit for because the impacts of the alleged “government shutdown” will not be as “negative” as many suppose them to be or they were when Bill Clinton was president.

            I have little quarrel with these conclusions but it is amazing that Tanenhaus, the author and “analyst” here, says almost nothing about how these results might or might not be affected by how the Democrats are acting. That is, if we take Tanenhaus’ words for it, the Democrats have no way or ways to affect the outcome of this “shutdown.” Why is this? Because Tanenhaus, like so  many others, simply assumes that the Democrats have nothing to gain from the “shutdown.” Once this assumption is held in abeyance, then a wholly different picture emerges, viz., a picture in which the Democrats are playing the role of facilitator for the Republicans, as are the establishment Republicans as well for the Tea Partiers. Why would they do this? Because their primary goal is to preserve the status quo and a government “shutdown” is a wonderful way to accomplish that goal.

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