Friday, September 6, 2013

More Smoke and Mirrors: The "Peacemakes" are Making War

More Smoke and Mirrors: The “Peacemakers” are Making War
P. Schultz
September 6, 2013

            Here is a great quote from Hans Blix pointing out that those who are pretending to want peace in Syria are actually the making war. But then why should anyone be surprised? Most of our politics is all smoke and mirrors anyway. The link to the article is below.

"Hans Blix, the former UN weapons inspector who led the investigation into Saddam Hussein’s regime, today called for the powers gathered at the G20 to stop importing arms into Syria. Russia is providing arms to the Assad regime, while the rebels are backed by Saudi Arabia and the gulf states. Britain is providing equipment including protective hoods against chemical weapons to the opposition forces.
"'We know that the war could not go on very long if the fighting sides could not obtain weapons and money from the outside. If you can engineer an agreement where they stop these supplies then the war would end. That’s a call for diplomacy, not for intervention,' he told the BBC"

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