Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Ted Cruz Radical?

Ted Cruz Radical? Not So Much
P. Schultz
September 24, 2013

            Ted Cruz is presenting himself as an alternative to “the norms” that control politics in D.C. these days, according to this article in Politico. “The chattering class” is repressing him because, he says, he is not interested in “cutting a deal,” as are his colleagues apparently.

            Well, being all in favor of those who would “stir the stew” in D.C., I think that Cruz is merely serving to preserve established order, while pretending to being devoted to overturning it. To see this, it is necessary to also see that those in charge of the established order are merely trying to preserve it and the way to that these days is to do little or nothing, at least in most instances. Why? Because they are aware that the established order and their places in it are threatened by popular dissatisfaction, to say the least, with “standard operating procedures.” Reflective of this is Cruz himself, who rode into the Senate on a wave of dissatisfaction only occasionally experienced in this nation.

            People ask why Cruz is taking a stand that will not “win,” that will not accomplish anything. Well, the answer to that question is in the question itself: Accomplishing little or nothing is and has been the goal of those controlling the established order. Cruz is merely serving to advance that “agenda,” while trying to appear as a “radical.” He isn’t one and he isn’t acting like one. I thought someone should point that out.

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