Friday, December 6, 2019

Delusions? Not Really Just Politics

Delusions? Not Really. Just Politics
Peter Schultz

            Here is an interesting article by Major Danny Sjursen arguing that our elites delusions are keeping humanity on the road to destruction. “As the U.S. government, as well as far too many Americans, remain fixated on the decidedly minor threat of Islamist “terrorism,” two actual global existential perils persist and are hardly addressed. I’m speaking, of course, of nuclear war and man-made, climate-based catastrophe. Hardly any serious establishment political figure in this country has taken meaningful action on such grave matters, mind you—busy as they are either reflexively attacking or defending Trump’s comparably trivial policies in Ukraine or Syria.”

            This is a persuasive argument although many will dispute that the Islamist terrorism is a “minor threat” or that Trump’s policies in Ukraine and Syria are “trivial.” But here’s what struck me as I read this.

            All of a sudden the lights went on and I saw how the Republicans and Democrats have been colluding to mask the most important issues the nation faces. The Republicans have given us the Trump clown show, as it were, replete with inane tweets, outright lies, and all-around clownishness. While the Democrats have given us an impeachment “drama” that drains almost all the air out of any room and overwhelms any discussion of politics in these United States. In this situation, more important issues like climate change, nuclear weapons, oligarchy, and imperialism disappear, replaced by essentially minor issues like Yemen, Afghanistan, Iraq, Venezuela and Trump’s bribery of Ukrainian officials. So our elites get to avoid these phenomena as issues and the status quo continues essentially unchallenged and is even fortified. And, of course, both factions of our imperialistic oligarchy are fortified as well while the nation suffers.

            It’s sort of like a perfect storm for our oligarchs. Those on “the left” get to ridicule Trump’s clown act, while those on “the right” get to impale those on “the left” on the spears of an impeachment that is bound to fail in the Senate. And all the while the mainstream media is playing its role by hyping Trump’s clown act and the Democrats faux impeachment. Although the nation continues to suffer, especially the not wealthy, it must be said that these oligarchs are quite good at maintaining their power and status. If the results weren’t so bad, you could admire the oligarch’s ability to disguise our reality.

            “Sometimes the light’s all shining on me. Other times I can barely see. Lately it occurs to me: What a long, strange trip it’s been!”

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