Monday, December 16, 2019

Could It Happen Here?

Could It Happen Here?
Peter Schultz

            “Slowly at first, but then with gathering momentum, the ……. public began to discover how deeply it had been misled – not only about the accident and its consequences but also about the ideology and identity upon which their society was founded. The accident and the government’s inability to protect the population….finally shattered the illusion that the…..was a global superpower armed with technology that led the world. And, as the state’s attempts to conceal the truth….even the most faithful citizens….faced the realization that their leaders were corrupt and that the…..dream was a sham.”

            This is a description of a process of discovery that overtook one nation as its people realized that their elites were imposters and that the ideology upon which the state was based was defective, as defective as the nuclear reactors this nation had built to usher in nirvana. Yup, the nation in question was the USSR and it was the “accident” at Chernobyl that led to their “awakening.”

            In the US, it would seem that the elites have more staying power than those in the USSR. After all, the debacle in Vietnam didn’t awaken the people, 9/11 didn’t awaken the people, the economic collapse of 2008 didn’t awaken the people, a war in Iraq built on lies didn’t awaken the people, the inhuman treatment of POWs and others didn’t awaken the people, and Trump apparently hasn’t awakened the people to the facts that “their leaders [are] corrupt and that the [capitalist] dream [is] a sham.” So what will it take? Perhaps an accident on the scale of Chernobyl would do it. But even then I suspect our elites would find a way to cover over the disaster, the deaths of thousands of people, and contamination of huge areas and prevail, or even be fortified. But until people are awakened, the endless wars will continue, the wealthier will get wealthier as the not-wealthy get less wealthy, mass incarceration will be necessary, and the police state will be strengthened.

            But as the people did awaken in the USSR, it would be unpersuasive to say it can’t happen here.

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