Thursday, December 19, 2019

A Response to Tulsi Gabbard's Impeachment "Vote"

A Response to Tulsi Gabbard’s Impeachment “Vote”
Peter Schultz

            Tulsi Gabbard voted present regarding the impeachment of Donald Trump.
Here is my response.

            Nice try but no cigar, Tulsi. If it was a partisan attempt to remove a president than it wasn’t about his “wrong doing” as you say. And if it wasn’t about political crimes then you should have voted against it. But of course, you couldn’t do that without being hung by the partisans in your party pushing impeachment. So you saved yourself or tried to with this gambit. But you’re already finished because the same people impeaching Trump have hung you out to dry because you don’t support their policies, their oligarchy, their wars, their injustices. Unless those policies are changed, there will be no unity, and all the love in the world won’t accomplish that. Unity requires a politics based on justice, not sentiments like patriotism or love of country. You may love America all you want and shout it from the roof tops but such sentiments are powerless to achieve the unity you seek. As Sally said to Harry on New Year’s eve, “It doesn’t work like that!” What America needs is justice, justice for Americans and justice for non-Americans, even for Muslims. So, again, nice try but no cigar. A house divided must seek, as Lincoln knew, justice because justice is the key to political unity. And as Lincoln also knew, justice is not easily achieved or achieved by “being present.”

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