Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Politics, Pacification American Style


Politics, Pacification American Style

Peter Schultz


            In order to govern the United States, an oligarchy has formed which pacifies the American people. They do this by creating “heroes” who “save” the country from “crises” that allegedly threaten what is called “American democracy.” For example, Daniel Ellsberg is one of these “heroes” who allegedly ended the Vietnam War by leaking the Pentagon Papers. Another hero was John Dean who helped take down Richard Nixon during the Watergate “crisis,” thereby “saving” American democracy. Woodward and Bernstein, the allegedly heroic reporters working for the Washington Post, were also deemed heroes of the Watergate crisis.


            But all of these “heroes” have their own secrets, which, if exposed, would reveal the character of the oligarchy that controls our politics. The Vietnam War was created by the oligarchs, and it was ended by the oligarchs when it served their purposes to do so. Ellsberg was merely a tool of the oligarchy, nothing more, nothing less. The oligarchs created Richard Nixon and got rid of him when it served their purposes to do so. And, remarkably, the oligarchs created Donald Trump and got rid of him when it served their interests to do so.


            Politics almost always involves pacification, that is, the management and control of the many by a few. The few in control in the United States are the wealthy and they have established an oligarchy and do all they can to maintain their control. They create political “stars,” and they shoot them down as needed. They start wars and end them, as needed. And, most importantly, they create official narratives involving “heroes,” among them certified celebrities, symbolic stars, who prove the system works. And, indeed, the system does work, but primarily for the oligarchs and not for the rest of us.

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