Sunday, April 2, 2023

Politics: Defined and Illustrated


Politics: Defined and Illustrated

Peter Schultz


            Politics defined: Politics is a socially acceptable way of expressing and acting on criminal tendencies.


            Politics illustrated: Larry King interview with Bill Bennett, then the US Drug Czar, June 15, 1989:


            “My question to Mr. Bennett. Why build prisons? Get tough like Arabia. Behead the damned drug dealers. We’re just too darned soft.”


            “So spoke a caller on a talk show featuring William Bennett. Bennett responded: ‘It’s actually – there’s an interesting point. One of the things I think is a problem is that we are not doing enough that is morally proportional to the nature of the offense. I mean, what the caller suggests is morally plausible. Legally, it’s difficult. But say…..’”


            Larry King: “Behead?”


            Bennett: “Yeah. Morally, I don’t have a problem with that.”

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