Sunday, December 21, 2014

Status Quo Politics and 2016

Status Quo Politics and 2016
P. Schultz
December 21, 2014

            Below is a link to an article in the Intercept about the possibility of Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton seeking the presidency in 2016. As Greenwald correctly points out, such an eventuality would be revealing, for example, of the oligarchic character of our political order. As Greenwald puts it, here are two families, one of whom used its wealth to acquire political power and the other that used its political power to obtain great wealth. And, I would add, doing this while all the time preserving the status quo. As of now, it seems to me that anyone who votes in the 2016 presidential election is merely voting to preserve the status quo and, hence, would have no right to complain about the results of that election. As George Carlin use to point out, it isn’t those who don’t vote who are not legitimately able to complain, it is those who did vote who lose that right. The point being, I think, is that if you participate in a farce, you have no right to complain about that farce.

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