Saturday, December 6, 2014

John Kerry and Our Political Comedy

John Kerry and Our Political Comedy
P. Schultz
December 6, 2014

            I do believe our politicians are capable of marvelous comedy, some times even better comedy than most standup. Take this example from a recent NY Times article, linked to below.

“WASHINGTON — The Senate Intelligence Committee on Friday faced a new obstacle in its efforts to make public its report on the torture of prisoners once held by the Central Intelligence Agency after last-minute warnings from the Obama administration that the report’s release could ignite new unrest in the Middle East and put American hostages at risk.”

            Now, let me get this straight: This report should not be released because it might “ignite new unrest in the Middle East.” Gee, exactly what would be “new” about “the unrest” Kerry says would arise? Seems to me the Middle East is being consumed by war, a war funded by and participated in by the United States. Is Kerry trying to convince us that “the unrest in the Middle East” is not fueled by our funding and making war there? I would think if the goal is to limit “unrest” in the Middle East and to end the taking of hostages there, we would want to end these practices of funding and making war in the Middle East.

            But, of course, as everyone knows or should know by now, the Obama/Bush administration wants this report kept secret not because it would increase the danger in the Middle East but, rather, because it is, at the very least, embarrassing and probably reveals just how inhuman our actions in the Middle East have been. Kerry’s argument is about as sound as the argument, way back when, that the Pentagon Papers would harm national security. As was eventually admitted by one of the officials who made this argument, this was a bogus argument, that the papers would not compromise national security in any way.

            But then, hey, there is nothing much wrong with a little comedy every so often, is there?

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