Friday, December 5, 2014

Giving the Game Away - Again

Giving the Game Away – Again
P. Schultz
December 5, 2014

            Here is a link to a piece by Paul Krugman on the Affordable Care Act and Chuck Schumer’s critique of it and of Obama. Of course, Krugman never mentions that it is very likely that Schumer is merely preparing the way for Hillary’s expected campaign, where she too will distance herself from Obama and from the ACA.

            But it also worth questioning why Hillary – and Schumer – are doing this, just as it is worth questioning why the Democrats in the last election ran away from Obama as if he had leprosy. One reason, the main reason, this is worth questioning is because there is very little evidence to indicate that the ACA is unpopular with most Americans and even less evidence that it isn’t working fairly well. So, if this doesn’t advance the Democrats chances of winning the 2016 elections, why do it? It just doesn’t seem to make much sense.

            Ah, but it would make sense if one drops the assumption that our political class is actually interested in real reform, however minimal, as opposed to maintaining their own power and privileges or the current political regime. Under the allegedly “mistaken” idea that the country is going in a “conservative” direction and that she needs to move in that direction to become president, Hillary is sounding more and more Republican each day. But is her main objective getting elected or helping to preserve the status quo, a situation that has made her and her husband both powerful and wealthy?

            As has been noted here, more than once, one of the prevailing fantasies about American politics is that both parties care only about winning each election that occurs. This cannot be demonstrated by the evidence – for example, the 2014 midterms where the Democrats seemed content to lose by sounding like Republicans – but that does not stop this fantasy from flourishing. Krugman gets close to exposing it for what it is but stops short.

            It is an interesting situation.

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