Saturday, July 19, 2014


P. Schultz
July 19, 2014

            Just a little something from an Israeli newspaper:

“From war to war, from incursion to incursion, Israel is gradually turning into Gaza – isolated, clergy-cursed, leader-poor, trapped and furious and writhing. A place of fear and fundamentalism, a place without a future, a place without hope. A place with no tomorrow.

“A place without consideration for some of the most basic needs and desires of its most fragile and vulnerable, decent, ordinary, normal residents. Like Gaza, a place which was once heartbreakingly beautiful, and is now, increasingly, taking on the dark colors of a bad idea.

“Mr. Netanyahu, now is the time to be a man. Observe this fast. End this war. End it now. You have plenty to do here at home. “

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