Monday, July 21, 2014

The Republican "Wave": 2014

The Republican “Wave”: 2014
P. Schultz
July 21, 2014

            Here is a nicely written column by a chap named Nate Cohn from today’s NY Times. In it, he raises the possibility that what was deemed “the Republican wave,” meaning impressive gains for that party in the upcoming elections, might not materialize. I think his argument is interesting but he never, not once, raises a possibility that should be raised: This “wave” will not materialize because, among other reasons, the Republicans, that is, some Republicans, don’t want it to materialize.

            Why would they not want the “wave” to materialize? Because if it did, it would threaten their power. As Walter Karp liked to point out, “landslides” are dangerous and they are so especially to the prevailing leadership. Such events are almost always the result of voter dissatisfaction, intense voter dissatisfaction, and, hence, threaten the powers that be.

            So, it could be that what Cohn thinks he is witnessing is in fact happening. However, Cohn does not appreciate that such a result would please rather than displease the Republican leadership.

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