Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Arrogance of Power

The Arrogance of Power
P. Schultz
December 19, 2013

            Senator William Fulbright wrote a book entitled The Arrogance of Power. And as the title seemed appropriate then, when the United States was bombing Vietnam “back into the stone age,” so it seems appropriate yet again. Here is the lead paragraph from an article in the New York Times today.

“The American ambassador to the United Nations, Samantha Power, landed in this besieged capital early on Thursday with what she called a blunt and simple message: The United States is watching.”

            What could be stranger than the message, “The United States is watching,”
especially given our wonderfully successful interventions throughout the past few decades and most recently in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya. I think Samantha Power is either (a) a good comedian or (b) so arrogant as to be delusional. As she is an academic, I am going with (b).

            There is a link to the article below.

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