Saturday, November 2, 2013

Preserving the Status Quo

Preserving the Status Quo
P. Schultz
November 2, 2013

            An article entitled, “Two Democrats Split On Tactics to Fight Military Assault,” in the NY Times, dated today, illustrates how our politicians help to maintain the status quo. The link to the article is below and it deals with the split between Senator McCaskill and Senator Gillibrand over how the military should deal with accusations of sexual assault. Note should be taken that both of these senators are of the female persuasion, while male senators want nothing more than to avoid the issue altogether.

“Many male senators in both parties appear extremely reluctant to take a position on such an emotionally charged and complex legal issue. “I come down on the side that is against sexual assault,” Senator John Barrasso, Republican of Wyoming, said as he raced away from a reporter.”

So, apparently, when confronted with “emotionally charged and complex legal issue[s]” our male senators take a pass on them. Does this make any sense at all, especially when the males who are in charge of the our military seem able to take on these issues? So, my conclusion: They, the male senators [and probably others as well], are satisfied with the status quo and want as little change as possible in how these issues are dealt with. Hence, they pretend to be uncomfortable when dealing with this “emotionally charged and complex legal issue.” It is a pose, an act adopted in order to control, i.e., minimize, how much change will take place.

And the issue isn’t, as the article states, where the authority to deal with such accusations will take place but who should deal with them. That is, the real issue is preserving male control of these issues, which is why it has been left to these two women senators to “split” over……what exactly? As I read this article, over not much at all. So we have this “cat fight” – to use the vernacular – which is basically over nothing much, while it looks important because it involves two women with “strong opinions” in the same party. More smoke and mirrors from those elected to do the public’s business in D.C.

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