Monday, November 11, 2013

Francis the "Rock Star"

Francis the “Rock Star”
P. Schultz
November 11, 2013

            Well, it is “Veterans Day” and I am a veteran, or so they tell me, so this is my day. Wish I could feel better about the day but to me it is just another one of those bullshit days, you know, one of those days where the country pretends to pay tribute to those who fight its wars, while fucking them over in other ways, such as sending them to fight in wars that are not “winnable.” Oh well, what is another 4000 or so deaths when it comes to “making the world safe for democracy?”  

            Anyway, recently an acquaintance, a recent acquaintance, described Pope Francis as “a rock star” in her house, a house occupied by a very “devout” Catholic and herself, a convert to Catholicism. And in my inimical way, I wondered: What the fuck does that mean? Francis is a “rock star?” Because when did being a “rock star” become a standard by which we judge people?

            A “rock star?” Really? Now, don’t misunderstand: I think Francis is the best thing to happen to the Catholic Church in a long, long time. In fact, we could use some of his “karma” here in the good, old US of A. For a long time now, I have been saying that we need to “trash” the White House, that is, to convert it to something else, like a place for the “homeless.” And those elected president should be required to buy a house in the D.C. area, drive themselves to “work,” and drive themselves home afterwards. Just like any other modern executive.

            But, I guess, describing Francis or any one else as a “rock star” puts them on a pedestal, as it were, you know, where we allegedly put women in the past. And I understand this all too well as I was putting Obama on a pedestal, looking at him as a “rock star,” just a relatively short time ago. And, boy, was I disappointed. From a “rock star” to just another status quo politician. One can only hope that Francis I has more to offer than Obama – and I would bet he does. But then he knew real tyranny.

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