Friday, July 12, 2013

The Food Stamps "Crisis"

The Food Stamps “Crisis”
P. Schultz
July 12, 2013

            Below is a link to a NY Times article on the alleged “food stamps crisis.” Why is it that the media play along with politicians in D.C. and allege or pretend there is a “crisis” about this, that, or some other thing when, in fact, there is none? Remember the “fiscal cliff” we were going over? Well, we did. Big Deal!

            Of course there will be money appropriated for food stamps and the only question is, How much? What is going on is part of a bargaining scenario, one that makes both the liberals and conservatives look good. The liberals can bellow about “the poor, the poor,” and the conservatives can bellow about “the poor, the poor.” The only losers here are those on food stamps and anyone who buys into the hype about a “crisis.”

            My answer to the question above about the media is this. They play along for the same reason that the liberals and conservatives play along: It suits their purposes or serves their interests.

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