Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Children of the Days

Children of the Days
P. Schultz
July 31, 2013

            Here is an excerpt from a book by Eduardo Galeano, which looks like it might be worth reading.
“War Against Drugs
(October 27)

“In 1986, President Ronald Reagan took up the spear that Richard Nixon had raised a few years previous, and the war against drugs received a multimillion-dollar boost.

“From that point on, profits escalated for drug traffickers and the big money-laundering banks; more powerful drugs came to kill twice as many people as before; every week a new jail opens in the United States, since the country with the most drug addicts always has room for a few addicts more; Afghanistan, a country invaded and occupied by the United States, became the principal supplier of nearly all the world’s heroin; and the war against drugs, which turned Colombia into one big U.S. military base, is turning Mexico into a demented slaughterhouse.”

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