Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Preserving the Status Quo

Preserving the Status Quo
P. Schultz
July 16, 2013

            The link below is for those who might doubt that our politicians, both the “liberals” and the “conservatives,” are supporters of the status quo. The conditions were as ripe as they could be for the Democrats in the Senate to change the rules regarding filibusters and what did the Dems do? Yes, that’s right: They bailed on real change and “compromised” in a way that will not upset the status quo at all. So, now the Senate, which is organizationally about as democratic as military rule in Egypt, can continue to “fail” to act. Of course, now it should be perfectly plain that this alleged “failure” is not failure at all. Rather, it is a choice that the Senate has made. Why? To preserve the status quo.

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