Thursday, June 20, 2013


P. Schultz
June 20, 2013

            At times, the decadence that is the United States strikes me with unusual force. It did tonight. I am watching major league baseball and two commercials come on. The first one is advertising Coors Beer and it is about the new beer can they have created with two new vents and a wider mouth. Wow! The second one is a car advertisement for the Range Rover, an obscenely big “car” that I use to identify with safaris in Africa.

            And I am currently reading a book, Every Man in This Village is a Liar, by Megan K. Stack about her experiences in the Middle East and her “education in war,” as the subtitle has it. So here we Americans are invading Iraq, supporting jihadists in Libya, waging war in Afghanistan, and drinking beer from “new and improved cans” while buying obscenely big “cars.” And this is to say nothing about me watching MLB as a distraction.

            I ask you: Is it any wonder that much of the world detests us and U.S.? Not to me.

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