Monday, June 24, 2013

Gregory v. Greenwald

Gregory v. Greenwald
P. Schultz
June 24, 2013

            Here is an article reporting on an exchange between David Gregory, NBC News, and Glenn Greenwald on the Eric Snowden's act of patriotism in revealing that the NSA is invading our privacy in a massive way.

            And Gregory’s last question – which of course he planned to be the last question – pretends to ask in a “neutral” way why Greenwald himself shouldn’t be charged with crimes along with Snowden. Greenwald, of course, calls a spade a spade and takes on Gregory’s role as accuser, making it clear that Gregory’s question is not merely one that anyone would raise in these circumstances but serves, under a guise of “objectivity,” the interests of those who care nothing at all for our freedoms or for the freedom of the press. As Greenwald posted in a tweet:

“Who needs the government to try to criminalize journalism when you have David Gregory to do it?”

And, of course, this is why the government charged Snowden with espionage and why people like Representative King and David Gregory talk as they are talking: To “criminalize” – especially in the minds of the people – Snowden’s activities and now Greenwald’s activities. And note should be taken too that in this way, the question becomes, “Did Snowden/Greenwald commit crimes?” rather than “Is the government violating our fundamental freedoms with its espionage program?” Given that the answer to this latter question is so obvious, it is equally obvious why the government and King/Gregory want to criminalize Snowden and Greenwald. It is, however, our president and his administration who are the “criminals” here, although criminal does not quite do justice to what Obama has done and is doing.

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