Sunday, May 8, 2011


I am beginning to appreciate the nationalistic, moralistic, and aesthetic value of the killing of bin Laden. I mean, come on, why should we worry about the ramifications or whether Obama is using bin Laden's death to advance his political agenda? This killing has great value, especially if we use it properly by reminding the very young and the young how great this nation is, and how heinous was the attack of 9/11. Again, I think we should use this as an opportunity to instill the war-making spirit in our young because they are, all too often, narcissistic and self-centered. As Teddy Roosevelt said, "A little war every now and again is really good for a nation." People wave flags, they forget about those little things like those who live poorly, or those who are treated unfairly, and they rally around the flag, celebrating the greatness of this nation which was obviously put here to by God and Jesus to bring the light to the rest of the world. Yeah, that's the spirit......USA, USA, USA!!!!!!

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