Saturday, May 14, 2011

More on American Politics

Headline in today's NY Times [Saturday, April 14, 2011] says that Obama is going to "shift" and speed up the search for more gas and oil on public lands in the U.S. This is billed as a "concession" that is necessary in light of the price of gas and in light of the bills proposed by the Republicans to do this very thing. This is another example of how the two parties agree more than or at least as much as they disagree, an argument made in an earlier blog here. The article assumes that Obama is doing this because it is politically expedient and, of course, that could be the case. However, it still remains that Obama is now touting the line previously touted by the Republicans and some Democrats. Once again, it may be asked how this move by Obama fits with the prevailing idea that Republicans and Democrats are almost mortal enemies. Perhaps that is just not the case.

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