Thursday, May 12, 2011

American Politics

It is just dawning on me more clearly than ever before that in order to understand American politics and the American political system, it is necessary to discard almost everything we are told about it in the mainstream media and other avenues of mainstream commentary, e.g., from those labeled "political scientists." This dawned on me this morning, while vacationing with friends, one of whom informed me, after he had read USA Today, that "Republicans and Democrats are not getting along." And I found myself responding: "Oh yes they are. You just don't realize it."

This is perhaps the one nugget of conventional wisdom which it is necessary to discard, and perhaps the most difficult. After all, we are told, over and over, in a host ways, by means of the media [a plural word, I remind you], that this country is divided between the Republicans and Democrats, between liberals and conservatives, between socialists and capitalists. How could it be otherwise? Although I cannot "prove" it, I am convinced that it is otherwise, that the Republicans and Democrats, or at least those in positions of power, are more in agreement than disagreement. Or, perhaps, I should say that they are in agreement about certain policies and that these policies are much more important in defining us as a people than their areas of policy disagreements.

For example, where is the disagreement over Afghanistan and war therein? As near as I can tell, there is no disagreement of any importance. Oh yeah, some Congressmen might make noise every so often, but these noises are just that, noises, and once made, disappear into the night.

This is just one example and I am sure there are more. But for now I just wanted to put this idea down on "paper" so I would have it. Otherwise, I will forget it......and I think there is a lot more to be said in this regard. Now, it is time to play some [more] golf!

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  1. Schultz, don't be so glum! The World's Most Wanted Terrorist can't plan anymore plots against the civilized free world. UBL did declare War against the USA and the rest of the civilized world, and received a just outcome that UBL should have expected!

    This is a turning point in the War against Terror and al-Qaeda is quickly running out of brainwashed children to become their weapons of mass deception.

    UBL and the rest of his Jihadist brothers lost BIG on May 1, 2011.