Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Are Conspiracy Theorists Domestic Terrorists? A Facebook Exchange


Are Conspiracy Theorists “Domestic Terrorists” A Facebook exchange

Peter Schultz

My Post: On 9/11,the Bush administration got exactly what it needed to carry out its agenda; on 1/6, the Democrats got exactly what they needed to carry out their agenda. Funny how that’s happened. [My contributions are in red. Interlocutor’s responses in black.]


What are you trying to say, Peter? ·

I am not trying to say anything. I said it, you’ve read it. As I am a “coincidence theorist” I am sure this is all coincidence. But it reminds me of the coincidences in the Gulf of Tonkin so long ago that allowed LBJ to begin bombing the northern

parts of Vietnam and then send over 500,000 US troops to kill there. Of course later it emerged that the attacks in the Gulf were more myth than reality. Go figure. You’re very smart, so you decide, my friend, what this means. 


Not sure it means anything. I do wish more people knew that the Gulf of Tonkin Incident was a sham from the start. We didn't get to see it on TV, however, the way we got to see what happened on 1/6. Is it merely a coincidence, professor, that there will be militia types gathering in all 50 states on inauguration day.  


I doubt it. How could that be a coincidence? Would the FBI make up stuff like that? Being a coincidence theorist doesn't mean I reject all conspiracy theories. I especially think well of those conspiracy theories concocted by the government, ala' those the alleged Tiananmen Square massacre, the communist Sandistas in Nicaragua, the communists in Grenada, the pedophiles at the compound in Waco, or about MLK's communism. But here is another coincidence that occurred to me after my original post: The hostages in Iran were released minutes after Reagan was sworn in as President, giving his start as president the same kind of boost Bush got from 9/11 and Biden is getting from 1/6. And then the Reagan administration began selling arms to Iran through Israel. And to think there are nuts out there who think Reagan and his team made a deal with the Iranians not to release the hostages to Carter to ensure Reagan's election. Talk about crazy, no? How anyone could believe that coincidences like that were actually conspiracies is beyond me. But, shit, what do I know?


· This is why I am a coincidence theorist because I wouldn't want to be labeled a "domestic terrorist" by the FBI. But I do wonder about this insofar as there have been several conspiracy theories concocted by the FBI, like the Red Scare in the 20s, the McCarthyism after the war, the Communist threat to our government in the 50s, MLK's communistic principles and supporters, Oswald's communism, the threats presented by the Black Panthers, just to name a few. Could it be that the FBI itself has engaged in "domestic terrorism?" Nah! Impossible. Banish the thought, keep silent, and salute the flag - or be labeled a domestic terrorist!


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