Friday, January 22, 2021

America's Endless Wars Aren't "Mistakes"


America’s Endless Wars Aren’t “Mistakes”

Peter Schultz


            Below is a link to an article by Danny Sjursen, speculating on what we might expect from the Biden presidency regarding our world-wide and apparently endless wars. At one point, Sjursen wrote: “Clearly, Biden must have learned from past mistakes, changed his tune, and should responsibly bring U.S. wars to a close, even if at a time still to be determined.”


            The problem with this is, as perhaps Sjursen realizes, is that from the perspective of Biden and the Washington establishment generally, these wars were not and are not “mistakes.” They are, rather, an integral part, if not the foundation of our New World Order, announced by Bush I and completed by Bush II after the attacks on 9/11. Just as the Vietnam War was not a “mistake” from the viewpoint of the then-Washington establishment, so too our current wars are not “mistakes” in the view of our elites. That’s why these wars go on and on and on.


            Sjursen writes: “The guess of this long-time war-watcher (and one-time war fighter) reading the tea leaves: expect Biden to both eschew big new wars and avoid fully ending existing ones.” This makes a lot of sense. The endless wars that are needed in order to stabilize and fortify the New World Order should not be “big.” Such wars are hard to maintain and people want such wars “won.” Our existing wars are small, and so need not end nor be won, just as the Vietnam War needn’t have been won in order to serve its purposes. And when it got “too big” Nixon put in place his “Vietnamization” plan in order to draw it down to manageable proportions. And having gotten too big, Nixon was left with little choice but to seek US withdrawal under the disguise of achieving “peace with honor.” In that, Nixon was successful and won a landslide re-election victory, only to be undermined by both conservatives and liberals who, for different reasons, did not care for Nixon. The coup against Nixon was disguised as what has come to be called the “Watergate scandal,” allowing the Washington elites to disguise their actions as “restorative” of some mythical past before Nixon was elected president.


            It is important to recognize that much of what is labeled “mistakes” aren’t mistakes. They are disguised as mistakes in order to offset what would be popular dissent were these measures, these wars were acknowledged as integral to the New World Order our oligarchic elites have created to serve their interests. By calling them mistakes, people can go on thinking our elites are well-intentioned, that is, committed to serving the common good. They aren’t. And we all know it at some level of consciousness but for some reason go on believing that “Washington is broken” and those who “broke it” will “fix it.” Not going to happen.


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