Wednesday, February 26, 2020

The Democrats 2020: Working for Trump Part 4

The Democrats 2020: Working for Trump Part 4
Peter Schultz

See the below link to a Washington Post article where it is obvious that the Democrats are trying to de-legitimize Sanders' candidacy even though it means re-electing Trump. For those who think my assertion is "off the wall," the Democrats did the same thing to Jimmy Carter in 1980 when they preferred Reagan to Carter. Leon Jaworski, Watergate special prosecutor, headed "Democrats for Reagan" and said he'd prefer "a competent radical [Reagan] to an incompetent moderate [Carter].”  Sen. Eugene McCarthy [Dem. Minn.] also endorsed Reagan. Carter, like Sanders, wasn't the choice of the leading Democrats and so had to be removed even though it meant putting Reagan in the White House. Like today, the establishment Democrats then cared more for their own well-being than the nation's well-being. And it was in response to Carter that the Democrats created what are called their “super delegates” so that a person like Carter, that is, a person popular with the people but not the Democratic establishment, could not get the nomination. And, of course, these super delegates will be helpful in denying Sanders the Democratic nomination this year, leading to the re-election of Trump.

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