Sunday, February 23, 2020

Democrats 2020: Working to Re-elect Trump

Democrats 2020: Working to Re-elect Trump
Peter Schultz

            As this article from the Washington Post makes perfectly clear, the Democrats are prepared to work to re-elect Donald Trump if the alternative is Bernie Sanders.

Democrats are already moving to undermine Sanders' campaign. Expect this to continue even after Sanders gets the nomination, if he does get it. As this article makes perfectly clear, the mainstream Democrats not only prefer Trump to Sanders but would work and even are working to undermine Sanders and support Trump. "Many of them loathe Trump with a burning passion, but they do not want somebody who is proposing to double the size of the federal government." Take note: while "loathing" Trump, Democrats prefer Trump to Sanders! It can't be any clearer that the Democrats will work to elect Trump again if the alternative is Sanders.

“The leading Democratic candidates running for the four most vulnerable Republican Senate seats — in Arizona, North Carolina, Maine and Colorado — have all come out against Sanders’s signature health care plan, as have many House candidates.”

Well, if these Democrats are against Sanders, then they are or will be for Trump should Bernie get the nomination. That allegedly “burning passion” of hatred for Trump will be doused and Democrats will end up working with Republicans to defeat Sanders and re-elect Trump.
“Former astronaut Mark Kelly, the Democratic Party’s hope for flipping a U.S. Senate seat in Arizona, tried to do no harm this month when he was asked about Sen. Bernie Sanders. “I will ultimately support who the nominee is of the Democratic Party,” he said.
“That was enough for Kelly’s Republican rival, Sen. Martha McSally (R-Ariz.), who is trailing him in early polls, to go on the attack. The television spot she debuted days later spent nearly as much time talking about plans by the democratic socialist from Vermont to raise taxes and award new benefits to undocumented immigrants as it did about Kelly.”
            This is how our political order, controlled by two oligarchic parties, works to maintain the oligarchy. Here, the Democrats refuse to support in any real way an insurgent, thereby empowering the Republicans to defeat that insurgent. The result is the continuation and even fortification of our Orwellian oligarchy. And people wonder nothing changes. It’s rather simple actually. Things don’t change because our two parties don’t want change, not real change.

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