Thursday, November 28, 2019

Vietnam Quagmire: Not So Much

Vietnam Quagmire? Not So Much
Peter Schultz

Here are some interesting facts. Most people think it would’ve been very difficult for the US not to get involved in what became the Vietnam War. Hence, the idea that Nam was a quagmire that sucked the US into a war it really didn’t want to fight. Actually, though it was much more difficult to get involved in that war than not. To not have that war, all the US had to do was let the elections agreed to in the Geneva accords take place in the 1950s. Ho Chi Minh would have won, the place called “South Vietnam” wouldn’t have existed, and ergo no fucking war! The US had to in essence create “South Vietnam” so it could then have a war there! To create “South Vietnam” the US helped thousands, maybe millions, of northerners to move south where they created conflict because resources were sparse and they were unlike southerners of Vietnam. Then the US had to find a puppet to govern the south, who they found in a monastery in New Jersey but then had to “sell” him as a legitimate ruler, even though he was a Catholic in an essentially Buddhist society, and a Catholic who preferred to speak French, not Vietnamese! In other words, the US put a lot of effort into making sure there would be a war in Vietnam it could fight while blaming it on Ho Chi Minh and the communists. That’s why it’s not incorrect to label US policy in Vietnam as war mongering. The US created war in Vietnam as did France before the Americans did. And the US is still creating wars, viz., in Iraq, Afghanistan, Nicaragua, Cuba, Venezuela, and Bolivia. A peace policy would be so much easier for the US, not to mention more humane and just. But apparently our elites like war so they create them. Sad, very sad.

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