Saturday, November 2, 2019

The Democratic Oligarchs, Their "Deep State," and the Constitution

The Democratic Oligarchs, Their “Deep State,” and the Constitution
Peter Schultz

            There is a link below to an article on the Greanville Post relating to the Democrats current endorsement of what is being called “the Deep State” as populated by patriots, defenders of the Constitution, and defenders of democracy. Some response seems called for.

Actually, this alleged “change” by progressives endorsing bureaucratic government isn’t really a change. The progressives were always in favor of a pervasively powerful bureaucracy rather than a government that rests on the active, day to day consent of the governed. They thought this would offset the power of the wealthy they knew would arise from the creation of an economy devoted to the creation of ever more wealth. They were wrong about that as the wealthy just occupied the bureaucracy, thereby helping to create an oligarchy. 

And that is all that’s going on here: oligarchs defending their power, their status, as the many begin to realize that they, the many, are being screwed by “their” government. The lies told by the likes of the Clintons, the Obamas, and the Bushes, only play for so long and then the many realize they’re being screwed over and the progressives lose legitimacy and authority. So then they pronounce their faith in the bureaucracy, rechristening it “patriotic,” “defenders of the Constitution,” “defenders of democracy,” allegedly. The progressives were never “republican,” small “r”, in any real sense, but elitists looking to take control from the people, the many. And of course those who oppose them are, as Hillary put it, “deplorables” and undeserving of power. From their perspective, it’s not that Trump deserves impeachment for his acts; he deserves impeachment because he can’t be a legitimate president given his rejection of the ruling elites. So, one need not be concerned with Trump at all to be concerned with how the Democrats are behaving as they are, not surprisingly for an oligarchs, trying to kill the republic the Constitution aspires to.

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