Thursday, May 11, 2017

Anti-Trump Resistance and the Constitution

Anti-Trump Resistance and the Constitution
P. Schultz

Here is a piece from Counterpunch which is, I think, quite good. I have noted my supplement below.

Excellent piece with one exception. The author fails to note how our national institutions are constructed to help ensure that what he calls “mass movements” fail. It is no accident that the successes he cites are all local phenomena. Leaving aside institutions like the Senate, which is hardly democratic in any way, shape, or form, it is relatively easy for the national governmental institutions, like the FBI under Hoover vis-a-vis the Black Panthers [as noted in the article], to demonize insurgent groups. It is much easier for these groups to be demonized at the national level than at the state or local level, e.g., the demonization of the wackos in Waco, under the leadership of David Koresh, a group that was being managed quite well and peacefully by the Texas authorities. Once the Feds got involved, the Branch Davidians were demonized by the Clinton administration, leading to their fiery annihilation, including the deaths of some 20 children.

So, yes, the anti-Trump “resistance” will peter out, with the help of mainstream politicians like Hillary Clinton, who is claiming to be a “resister.” If this weren’t serious, I couldn’t think of anything much funnier than Hillary claiming to be part of “the resistance.” This is the equivalent of Bill Clinton claiming to be a faithful husband.

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