Sunday, May 21, 2017

"I Prefer a Dangerous Freedom to Peaceful Slavery"

“I Prefer a Dangerous Freedom to Peaceful Slavery”
P. Schultz

I saw this quote on the back window of a pick up truck: "I prefer a dangerous freedom to a peaceful slavery." And I thought: "That's interesting." Meaning: I am open to the argument that increasingly in the US, we offered a kind of "slavery," say, to consumerism, low paying, insecure, servile jobs, and an apartheid society. But I would ask this person: "Do you actually think our condition, whether you call it 'slavery' or 'prosperity,' is 'peaceful' when it is built on and inconceivable without violence of all kinds: sexual, a militaristic imperialism characterized by 'endless war,' a vast 'prison' system or 'gulag' similar to what existed the USSR, and an incomplete health care system that allows about 40,000 people to die each year for want of insurance?" For me, unless you notice, at least every so often, just how violence undergirds our way of living, even our most valued accomplishments, like great wealth and power, then you are living in a dream world and need some disillusionment, some philosophy ala' Socrates et. al.

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