Thursday, April 6, 2017

When "Failure" Isn't: America's Wars

When “Failure” Isn’t: America’s Wars
P. Schultz

            Below you will find a link to an article by Tom Engelhardt, “Demobilizing America,” about the current state of our war-making state and why, even in the face of the Trump presidency, there is so little anti-war protest going on in these United States.

Engelhardt is quite good and largely correct, first, about our continual war-making and, second, that “In our era, war, like the Pentagon budget and the growing powers of the national security state, has been inoculated against the virus of citizen involvement, and so against any significant form of criticism or resistance.”

But what he doesn't get is that what he labels "failed wars" are not failures at all from the viewpoint of our establishment, that is, both mainstream Republicans and Democrats, because the goals are destruction, death, and instability among several nations including Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, and probably, covertly, Iran. This is why these wars continue, why trillions of dollars have been and continue to be spent on them, and why it is compulsory when in public "to eternally thank and praise America’s “warriors” for their deeds and efforts."

Ala' Bob Dylan: "There ain't no success like failure and failure ain't no success at all."


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