Sunday, March 5, 2017

The Government and How It Works

The Government and How It Works
P. Schultz

            The above piece, which appeared in Rollcall, is an excellent illustration of how our government, controlled as it is by an “establishment” that spans both political parties, works.

            As the article points out, Trump was overruled by “rank and file Republicans” when it came to deciding whether Jeff Sessions, the newly appointed attorney general, should recuse himself from any investigation about Russian involvement in our last presidential election, with or without the help of the Trump campaign.

            And, although the article does not mention it, this situation illustrates how the “establishment” is working to “discipline” Mr. Trump, teaching him how Washington works and that that establishment does not simply roll over and play dead simply because an outlier has been elected president. Whether Trump will “get” this message is far from certain. But if he doesn’t, then he, like Jimmy Carter, will wind up being perceived as one of our worst presidents.

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