Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Mid-Terms: Giving the Game Away

Mid-Terms: Giving the Game Away
P. Schultz
November 5, 2014

[Author’s note: I wrote the following before I saw and read the article in the New York Times cited below.]

            The 2014 mid-term elections give “the game” away. What is “the game?’ Preserving the status quo. What gives that game away? That the Democrats, along with the Republicans, rejected “Obama.” In fact, even Obama has gone along with rejecting “Obama!”

            The lesson for the many, for the people, who are pissed off: Only one kind of politics can succeed in the United States, viz., a politics of the status quo, and certainly not a politics of change. The “Obama” message, “Yes, we can,” which meant, “Yes, we can change!” has been rejected by all, and even by Obama himself.

            The new message is: “Oh no, we can’t!” Can’t what? Can’t change. Change has been co-opted by “cooperation.” And if one measure of a successful political order is a capacity for change, then it must be said that the US political order is a failed political order, as confirmed by these mid-term elections.

            Prediction or warning: Prepare for a Hillary v. Jeb election in 2016. A Clinton versus a Bush, yet again! Talk about an inability to change. The end.

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