Monday, September 1, 2014

Political Insanity

Political Insanity
P. Schultz
September 1, 2014

            A friend of mine just wrote me an email in which he said, “The middle east is an insane place.” When I first read it, I thought nothing of it. But then when I read it again, before I was going to trash it, I realized how funny that assertion is, especially coming from someone in the United States of America.

            First, how else would one describe the United States except as “an insane place,” a place where unarmed people are gunned down by the police, who then turn up looking like space aliens, armed to the teeth, thinking – and this is the craziest part of all – that this will maintain the peace!? How insane is that? Or how insane is it that the national government thinks it will help the situation by arming local police forces to the teeth? Man, I can’t think of anything much more insane than that.

            Or, second, how about this? How else would one describe a foreign policy that takes a nation into unnecessary wars under false pretenses, wars that lead to the growth of the very phenomena those wars are meant to curb? If that is not insanity, then the word “insanity” has no meaning. As even Russell Brand has noticed, bombs and drones should be seen as “seeds,” that is, “seeds” from which more jihadists and terrorists spring.

            But, holy cow, for sure: The middle east is an insane place!!!

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