Sunday, May 5, 2013

Constructing "Terrorism" 02

Constructing “Terrorism” 02
P. Schultz
May 5, 2013

            Demonology 101. And now, folks, for the demonizing of the “evil” but oh so shrewd and hidden bomber from Boston. Amazing what the media can do in creating the pictures the establishment wants to be believable in order to make a profit but, more importantly, to make sure we the people experience a fear that knows no end. Even Machiavelli would be proud, I think, and he definitely would not be surprised.

            I just love this line: “They seldom, if ever, saw… the gathering blackness in his most private moments.” Wow! How frightening! How scary! It’s almost like “Halloween” or “Scary Movie #5”.

“To even his closest friends, Mr. Tsarnaev was a smart, athletic 19-year-old with a barbed wit and a laid-back demeanor, fond of soccer and parties, all too fond of marijuana. They seldom, if ever, saw his second, almost watertight life: his disintegrating family, his overbearing brother, the gathering blackness in his most private moments.”

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