Friday, March 1, 2013

Sequester: All According to Plan

Sequestration: It’s All Going According to Plan
P. Schultz
March 1, 2013

            There is not much reason to add to my previous piece on the sequester, as it is all going according to plan.

From the last article: 

“The Senate on Thursday shot down competing bills to undo — or at least mitigate the impact of — across-the-board spending cuts in a desultory bit of political theater that ensured the cuts would go into force Friday with a partisan blame game in full tilt.

“The votes were all but designed to fail. Democrats assembled legislation to replace $85 billion in cuts this year with a mix of tax increases on the rich, corporate taxes and cuts to military and agriculture subsidies with no consultations with Republicans. Republicans, internally divided but desperate for some alternative to the Democratic approach, offered legislation that would have locked in the cuts but would have given President Obama near carte blanche to decide how to mete them out.
And fail they did.”

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