Monday, February 4, 2013

Mission Accomplished

Mission Accomplished
P. Schultz
February 4, 2013

            Well, here it is, confirmation from the Associated Press that the mission, undertaken by establishment Republicans especially, but aided by the Democrats who share the Republicans’ motivation, has been accomplished. What was that mission? Why to preserve the status quo and, therewith, the power of those who are invested in that status quo.

“House Speaker John Boehner has shored up his political clout after a shaky month, persuading his Republican caucus to pick its fights with Democrats more strategically.

“His impressive rebound, aided by face-the-facts confrontations with colleagues, helped the government avoid a potential default on its financial obligations — for three months, at least.
“It also reassured establishment Republicans who feared the House majority was becoming so unpredictable that it endangered the party.” 

            Ah yes, the “endangered” Republican Party. Now, isn’t that the message we have been hearing since Mr. Almost White Bread beat Mr. White Bread in our latest presidential election? Time to “get on board, boys and girls.” The people have spoken and, well, the status quo it will be. Ah, and now we can all breathe a sign of relief. 

“The implications went beyond one politician’s fate. Financial markets and corporate planners were reassured when House Republicans agreed to postpone a showdown over the government’s borrowing capacity.”

            And, of course, if our “financial markets and corporate planners” are “reassured,” then the rest of us should be as well. 

            Once again, our politicians have learned – and then conveyed to us – the limitations of political action. 

“We’re too outnumbered to govern, to make policy,” said Rep. John Fleming, R-La., who had defied Boehner on votes earlier in January on the fiscal cliff and hurricane aid. “But we can make a serious impact on spending” by picking when and where to fight, Fleming said.”

            So, the Republicans will now pick and choose their fights, but of course only after the Democrats agreed to make the Bush tax cuts permanent for almost all Americans. There will be fights, no doubt, over spending but, rest assured, not much is going to change. Because after all, that is the purpose of preserving the status quo, ensuring that not much changes. Rest easy, my friends, the republic has been saved. Or has it?

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