Monday, February 25, 2013

A Comedy of Errors?

A Comedy of Errors?
P. Schultz
February 25, 2013

            Well, folks, here it is: A report of another one of those ‘blunders’ by our president.

“With Congress unlikely to stop deep automatic spending cuts that will strike hard at the military, the fiscal stalemate is highlighting a significant shift in the Republican Party: lawmakers most keenly dedicated to shrinking the size of government are now more dominant than the bloc committed foremost to a robust national defense, particularly in the House.

“That reality also underscores what Republicans, and some Democrats, say was a major miscalculation on the part of President Obama. He agreed to set up the automatic cuts 18 months ago because he believed the threat of sharp reductions in military spending would be enough to force Republicans to agree to a deficit reduction plan that included the tax increases he favored.”

            Of course, this “analysis” assumes that this “major miscalculation” does not serve Obama’s interests in preserving the status quo while sticking it to most Americans by taking away their retirement money and their health care money, to say nothing of other “reductions” or “adjustments.” And, further, the article makes no mention of the possibility that restoring the “defense” cuts will be far easier – and far easier to disguise and hide – than restoring other cuts. I mean, come on, with the president able to, “at a stroke,” create a “national security crisis,” I will wager anyone that any cuts to the “defense” budget will be temporary – and both the president and the Republicans know this.

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