Sunday, December 30, 2012

Foreign Policy "Mess"

Foreign Policy “Mess”
P. Schultz
December 30, 2012

            “Obama…To Fix Flaws.” A partial headline from an article in the NY Times, linked here, about how Obama saw the attack in Benghazi as a result of “messiness” that was “unintentional” and that now he or the State Department will fix it. On the other hand, Lindsey Graham is trying to hold up hearings on John Kerry’s appointment as Secretary of State until Hillary Clinton testifies about Benghazi before the Senate. Graham is characterized as one of the harshest critics of the Obama administration’s handling of Benghazi.

            What is most interesting to me is that no one is raising the question of our involvement in Libya and our support for the “rebels” there. It is as if both the administration and its critics take a janitor’s point of view toward our foreign policy: Clean up “the messes” and things will be alright. This is an interesting mindset, to say the least, because it is not as if our foreign policy has generally been successful to any great extent in the recent past. But that there might be something wrong with that policy is not a possibility to be considered by either of our political parties.

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