Friday, December 21, 2012


P. Schultz
December 21, 2012

            The headline in the NY Times reads as follows:

“Even in Disarray, G.O.P. Has Power to Constrain Obama,” NY Times, Today

            I have a simple question: Why does the Times think that the GOP is in disarray? Seems to me that the GOP, both Boehner and the insurgents, are right where they want to be. Boehner “can’t” control the insurgents, or so he claims. And the insurgents refuse to kow tow to Obama or to Boehner and so, the argument goes even in the Times, they must be accommodated. So what are we left with? The answer is simple: The only possibility is “a deal” that will be sold as, ‘hey, this is all we could do.’”
            And mission accomplished: The status quo is preserved, along with the power of the establishment types in both parties. Boehner tried or so he tells us and Obama need not, allegedly because he “can not,” do very much by way of changing the status quo. And, of course, who can blame our politicians? They did what they could.

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