Thursday, November 1, 2012

Is This Election Over?

Is the Election Over?
P. Schultz
November 1, 2012

            Below is a link to an article from the Washington Post from today, November 1, 2012, which is about claims by the Romney campaign that they could possibly win Pennsylvania, Minnesota, and even Michigan. But when I read the article and then perused some of the comments at the end, I began to wonder if this article is not actually telling us – obliquely and unintentionally perhaps – that this election if all but over and Obama will be re-elected. I cannot say just why this is my reading but it is.

            And that led to another speculation: What if the election is over, barring unforeseen events or developments, and both campaigns and the media know this? Nonetheless, these campaigns and the media continue to pretend that this election is up for grabs. Why would this happen? How does this benefit the political class or the media? Of course, the media benefits because many still watch and read it, thinking that there is a battle going on. And the political class benefits because this makes it seem as if something important is going on, that the political battle they want us to think characterizes our nation is going down to the last day, the last minute, the last second. But it could be that this is all a farce; just as the political class has given us a “choice” that is not a real choice, so too it has given us a contested election which is no longer a contest. Just sayin’.

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