Sunday, October 28, 2012

Obama's "Incompetence"

Obama’s “Incompetence”
P. Schultz
October 28, 2012

            Just a bit of a follow up to my last blog on Obama and why he would not be all that upset if the election were to be decided by a razor thin margin. Here is Frank Bruni’s column from today’s New York Times pointing out that Obama’s current troubles have something to do with him and his performance rather than “forces” over which he, Obama, has no or little control. But Bruni does not take the “next step,” viz., to wonder if Obama’s actions are not a reflection of a strategy. As a result, Bruni ends up having to speculate that Obama has lost his “magic!” And isn’t that the point at which we should shake our heads and wonder, not so much at Obama’s performance, but rather at the emptiness of what passes for political commentary.

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