Thursday, September 13, 2012

The "Two" Conventions

The “Two” Conventions
P. Schultz
September 13, 2012

            Below is an excerpt from a Ralph Nader column on the “two” conventions. This helps me understand why I found them so boring and even childish. But it is not just that the Democrats want “to continue dialing for the same corporate campaign dollars” that explains their behavior and that of the Republicans. This is certainly part of it. But it is useful to remember that as Nader says elsewhere in his column, we live in “an oligarchy greased by a plutocracy.” Obama and the Democrats, at least most of those who control the party now, are oligarchs, as are those who control the Republican Party. There will be no playing “offense,” as Nader said, or no “big proposals” but only “a protective agenda” as David Brooks said. And when you get these two guys to agree on what is happening, you can pretty much assume they have it right.

“Being on the offense with an agenda standing for and with the people who economically are being driven, along with their country, into the ground by unpatriotic global corporations and their political minions, should be easy. Unless, that is, the Democrats want to continue dialing for the same corporate campaign dollars.”

Ralph Nader, “Two Conventions: Profiles in Decadent Cowardliness”

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