Thursday, September 20, 2012

How the Oligarchy Governs

Smoke and Mirrors: How the Oligarchy Governs
P. Schultz
September 20, 2012

            It doesn’t get any better or clearer than this. See and read the link below for confirmation of what has been said here for some time now. The oligarchy is protecting itself in this election. As I have said before and more than once, the most important event of this presidential election was the nominations of Romney and Obama when popular anger is at a peak. Enjoy.

“The Republicans don’t want to discuss tax cheating, offshoring, corruption, inequality, dissent, the rule of law, endless war, or Wall Street criminality. They’d rather lose. It’s not that they want to lose in 2012, it’s just that they aren’t going to go after every vote. It’s the same reason no one talks about how Romney is a flip-flopper anymore, or points out that Romney is the architect of Obamacare, or was a moderate Republican governor in Massachusetts. Those arguments are worse for the political class, and better for the public. And that is how elections operate in authoritarian America. The secondary goal is to win the election, the primary goal is to keep the public out of the deal-making.”

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