Monday, May 7, 2012

Politics and the Gays and Lesbians

Politics and Gays and Lesbians
P. Schultz
May 7, 2012

            So, serious question: Why is it our politicians, like Obama in this instance, think it is necessary to “play games” with issues like gay and lesbian marriage? I mean, come on, do these guys really, genuinely think that people will or will not vote for them over such a marginal issue? I don’t mean it is marginal to everyone but just to most people.

            This doesn’t make any sense to me. So I wonder: what is really going on? And here is what I come up with. This is a way to distract us from the real issues, that is, the issues that really matter to people like who is getting screwed by whom. Not “screwed” in a sexual sense but in a political sense. If issues like this are kept alive, then we the people become distracted from the more important issues, such as, who or which class is controlling our political order. So, politicians like Obama keep this issue alive by spouting such bullshit as “My views are evolving!” And they are helped in this endeavor by “conservatives” who pretend to think that this issue has not already been decided or will be in a very short time. “Hey, let’s fight about the gays and lesbians! After all, that will keep the people distracted from the fact that we are screwing them royally.” Yeah, that’s it. More smoke and mirrors.

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